The Agile Finance Enterprise

A global executive learning programme on leading transformational change.

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Move. Quickly.

Survive and thrive in an age of disruptive change.

It’s used a lot, but the word ‘agile’ sums up what organisations need to be in the face of the headwinds of disruption. It’s an essential organisational capability that ensures businesses can survive and thrive.

But for most finance businesses, becoming uber customer-focused, dynamically adaptable and hyper-aware of disruptive trends and how to respond them is beyond their reach.

Traditional organisations are the reverse of agile, and struggle with exploiting new technologies and with serving more demanding customers.

That needs to change.

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Change. Purposefully.

Through a real understanding of agile.

THEORICA has created Circle, a global enterprise agility learning programme for senior leaders in finance.

This intensive programme leads participants to a real understanding of what it means to be agile and the demands on themselves and their organisation.

The programme is packed with real-time, real-life, cutting-edge insights into how to create an agile finance enterprise, created and delivered by finance industry professionals who have had, cumulatively, billions of pounds of P&L responsibility, led thousands of people and steered their organisations through massive change.

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Learn. Meaningfully.

About leadership, organisations, technology and transformation.

The programme includes in-depth case study analysis, deep dive learning with senior leaders in finance, curated learning materials, peer learning and The Agile Finance Enterprise Playbook, only available to participants, that explores the agile landscape and can be used to drive organisational transformation.

Learning outcomes from the programme are:

  • A true understanding of agility: its roots, purposes, and implications and the core constructs of agile

  • Developing agile teams: how to encourage, embrace and embed agility in senior management teams

  • The agile industry ecosystem: the effects of agile transformation on the wider finance industry ecosystem

  • Driving agile change: how to frame, drive and elaborate productive conversations across the enterprise on developing agility

  • Scaling up agile: how to scale up agility across the enterprise and the implications of agile for culture and leadership

  • Your agile roadmap: how to develop a customised agility roadmap for your organisation

  • Agile governance: framing new governance processes for agile enterprises.
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Join. Circle.

Learn quickly what it takes years of trial and error to understand.

You should join Circle if you are a C-suite executive faced with the challenge of driving transformational change in your organisation.

Your participation is through an expression of interest followed by a personal invitation from us.

THEORICA partners will start a conversation with you about your interests, challenges, aspirations and what you want to achieve through the programme. This allows us to tailor the programme to your needs.

If you join the programme, you will become one of 10 participants in a Circle, referred to by colours (Azure Circle, Indigo Circle, Onyx Circle). Each circle is a trusted peer resource to share experiences, challenges, insights and perspectives.

This intensive global programme takes place over one quarter and will include weekly online meetings with your Circle and with partners from THEORICA, independent case study analysis, and a series of personal projects shared with your Circle.

We use Slack channels and Zoom video conferencing as the backbone for communication with your Circle.